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Aransas County Harm Reduction Program

Sheriff Bill Mills

Aransas County Sheriff’s Office ​ ​361-729-2222

Feel The L ve Campaign

Sponsored By:

Aransas County Medical Services,Inc. ​


Honorable Diana McGinnis ​Aransas County JP, Pct.2 ​ ​361-790-0131

In the face of rising opioid overdose statistics, the Aransas County ​Harm Reduction program emerges as a lifeline, spearheading the ​"Feel the Love" campaign. Opioid overdoses have reached alarming ​levels, and the introduction of dangerous substances like Fentanyl, ​has heightened the urgency for community intervention. Recent ​statistics underscore the severity of the opioid epidemic. The ​numbers paint a grim picture, emphasizing the critical need for ​proactive measures. The emergence of Fentanyl poses a new and ​lethal danger. This potent opioid, often mixed with other ​substances, intensifies the risk of overdoses. Understanding its ​prevalence and the importance of combating its impact has become ​paramount. In response to this crisis, on February 14, 2024, the ​Aransas County Harm Reduction Program introduced the Feel the ​Love campaign. Beyond just a program, it's a rally call to the ​community to come together, offer support, awareness, and tangible ​solutions. In a world where every life counts, Aransas County's ​initiative serves as a testament to the power of community-driven ​solutions. By joining forces, fostering empathy, and arming ​ourselves with knowledge and awareness, we can turn the tide ​against opioid overdoses and save lives. The Aransas County Harm ​Reduction program is not just a program – it's a commitment. A ​commitment to a healthier, safer, and more aware community. ​Together we make a difference.