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To support the next ​generation of medical ​professionals

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Calling all future healthcare leaders, first responders, and nursing trailblazers! ​ACMSI proudly presents our Medical Scholarship Program, a beacon of support ​for students navigating the path to a rewarding career in the medical field. ​Established in 2008, our scholarship program is dedicated to empowering the ​next generation of healthcare professionals, recognizing the pivotal role ​education plays in building a robust and compassionate community. Whether you ​aspire to be a first responder, nurse, physician, or anything in between, ACMSI's ​scholarship is designed to support students across all realms of the medical field. ​We believe in the power of education to shape destinies. Our scholarship ​program is your key to unlocking the doors to knowledge, skills, and a fulfilling ​career in healthcare. – Seize the Opportunity: Time is of the essence! Submit your ​scholarship materials by the April 1st deadline to embark on your journey towards ​success. Contact us today for more information and application details. Reach ​out to or call us at 512-290-3036. We're here to help ​you on your path to greatness! ACMSI extends its best wishes to all applicants, ​cheering you on as you strive for excellence in the medical field. Your dedication ​to making a difference deserves to be recognized and supported. Apply for our ​Medical Scholarship Program, and let's build a healthier, stronger community ​together.

ACMSI Scholarship Qualifications & Requirements

Aransas County Medical Services Inc. (ACMSI) created a scholarship program in 2008 to help students advance their medical education and contribute to ​their community's growth through education, motivation, and hope for a successful future.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of the United States of America
  • Be a resident of Aransas County, Texas
  • Be pursuing a degree in the medical field or as a First Responder (EMT-Law Enforcement- Fire- Dispatch)
  • Currently attending or planning to attend college or vocational school
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Submit all required materials in a single envelope or by email by the deadline date.

Please ensure all application materials are provided by the deadline of April 1st, 2024. These materials should include the ACMSI scholarship application, ​an essay outlining why you are deserving of the scholarship, a transcript, at least two letters of recommendation, and any relevant certifications, awards, or ​documents. If photos are included, please ensure they are business appropriate. All materials should be submitted together in one envelope or via email.

Please send in the ACMSI scholarship application, an essay outlining why you are deserving of the scholarship, a transcript, at ​least two letters of recommendation, and any relevant certifications, awards, or documents before April 1st, 2024. If you are ​submitting photos, please make sure they are appropriate for a business environment. You can send in your application ​materials either by mail or email at or ACMSI P.O. Box 821 Rockport, Texas 78381.

Once the recipient is chosen, they will be notified in writing and asked to provide school information, mailing address, and ​student ID number. ACMSI looks forward to supporting your academic goals and encourages previous recipients to reapply. We ​are excited to hear about how the scholarship helped you fulfill your dreams. Thank you for choosing the ACMSI Scholarship ​program, and we wish you the best.