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This year's Health Fair brought together members of our community, ​healthcare professionals, local businesses, and organizations, fostering an ​atmosphere of collaboration and support for healthier living. With an ​emphasis on education, screenings, and access to resources, the event ​was designed to empower individuals to take proactive steps towards ​improving their well-being.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the vendors who generously ​contributed their time, expertise, and resources to make this event ​possible. Your dedication to promoting health awareness and providing ​valuable services to our community is truly commendable.

Moreover, we extend our deepest appreciation to the citizens who ​attended the Health Fair. Your enthusiastic participation and eagerness to ​prioritize your health inspire us to continue our mission of fostering a ​healthier, happier community. Your presence made this event a ​resounding success, and we are incredibly grateful for your ongoing ​support.

As we reflect on the success of our 5th Annual Health Fair, we are filled ​with gratitude for the collective efforts that made it possible. Together, we ​have made a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of our ​community, and we look forward to continuing this journey of growth and ​empowerment in the years to come. For more information about ACMSI ​and our initiatives, please visit

Together We Make A Difference!

We're still buzzing with excitement after the incredible CPR classes we recently hosted with ​the Children's Coalition of Aransas County and the wonderful folks at First United ​Methodist Church. It's been an absolute blast diving into the world of lifesaving skills with ​such a warm and friendly community!

Picture this: a room filled with eager learners, laughter, and a shared determination to make ​a difference. That's the atmosphere we experienced as we embarked on our journey to ​equip our community with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in ​emergencies.

With the Children's Coalition of Aransas County, we engaged minds of all ages in a dynamic ​learning experience that not only taught CPR techniques but also instilled a sense of ​responsibility and empowerment in our community leaders. Watching these hearts ​embrace the importance of CPR with enthusiasm and a sprinkle of giggles was truly ​heartwarming.

Then, we joined hands with the First United Methodist Church community, where the spirit ​of camaraderie and warmth filled the air. Together, we delved into the intricacies of CPR, ​sharing stories, swapping tips, and building bonds that extend far beyond the classroom.

But it wasn't just about learning CPR; it was about fostering connections. We shared ​moments of triumph as participants mastered the techniques, cheered each other on ​during practice sessions, and celebrated newfound skills that could one day save lives.

As community workers, seeing the joy and camaraderie that emerged from these CPR ​classes fills our hearts with pride. We're immensely grateful to everyone who participated, ​contributed, and made these experiences unforgettable.

So here's to the laughter, the learning, and the lifesaving moments we shared together. Let's ​continue spreading the warmth and knowledge, building a community that's not just ​prepared for emergencies but united in its dedication to keeping each other safe. Thank ​you, Aransas County, for making CPR training not just educational but downright fun! ​Together, we're making a difference—one heartbeat at a time. ❤️